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mp3xd is a free app that lets you listen to the latest music at the comfort of your PC. You can search for your favorite artists and songs using the universal search bar. It is possible to find titles based on artists or song name.

mp3xd enables you to listen to the top new music. Once you visit that link, the app will display the best 100 songs on the list. It is worth mentioning that all these are the latest hits and have titles from the likes of Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, On Republic, and more.

We would like to highlight that you will view 3rd-party ads while navigating the website. They pop up now and then. You can remove them pressing the ‘X’ sign near the top-right corner of the the dialog box.

The app lets you share the top music link to your WhatsApp and Twitter contacts. All you need to do is to press the respective logos at the top of the screen and you are good to go.

mp3xd Features

  • mp3xd uses Arc, which provides a fast access to music from anywhere in the world. Arc is a content delivery network that connects PCs to devices nearby instead of bringing data from the servers located far and away. That reduces the distance and time it requires to load music to your device.
  • You can download the music to your device for free.

Make Money Without Ads on Your Website

With mp3xd, you can start making money on your website. You can use the Arc code and add it to your site. To use the code, you first need to send an email to the publisher and get it from them. The most important aspect worth mentioning is that there will be no ads while your users listen to and download music on your site. It helps support the platform in addition to getting rid of annoying advertisements from the user experience.

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